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A notorious Japanese Legend

Hi, we are RAMI Factory, a network of filmmakers, and I’m Daniel Mine, director and producer of Hannya.

All started a year ago: the project seemed too ambitious as it was my first experience as a director.

I’ve always been fascinated by Japan and its legends.I’ve started watching animes on TV when I was a kid and I’ve continued to draw inspiration from masters as Miyazaki, Rumiko, Takahashi and many others.


Hannya's story is painful and passionate; that's why I've decided to narrate it through the power of cinema.

After much effort, we gave birth to this Short Movie.

But we are not done yet...

We can’t consider our work done without it being distributed to the pubblic, and that’s where your help can make the difference.

If you love Japan and its culture

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Our campain will be hosted by ,the italian crowdfunding platform for everyone who needs some help sharing and sustaining their idea or project.

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